A Calling Pursued

A Calling Pursued

Get Sh!t Done: A History of the Hustle

When Frank Sell, Jr. started Get Sh!t Done Coffee Co in 2020, it wasn't the first time he'd started a business. Even though Sell had already been in business for close to twenty years, he made a discovery. He discovered that, like many of us, the path we chose didn't feel quite right.

Born and raised in Hutchinson, Kansas, Sell's father was self-employed most of his life. He started his first business in 1977 as a truck mechanic working on semi trucks. Inspired by his father, like most of us, he often heard the phrase, "get good grades, go to college, or learn a trade." Sell knew college wasn't the best fit for him, so instead, he chose to learn a trade so that he would always be able to find a job.

After working in his chosen field as a welder, Sell realized he had been sold a dream that no longer existed. The dream of working for a single company all the way through retirement was a relic of days gone by. So he set to work learning a new trade called PDR (Paintless Dent repair). With the help of a $100 VHS tape, Sell taught himself the trade of fixing hail-damaged cars. That led Sell to beat the damn streets so hard he swears he'll get a bill for the potholes someday. This is how his first business started, Allied Dent Removal, in 2003.

Sell worked hard to make his dent removal business a success. That allowed him to focus on some other business ideas he'd had for a while. He launched Babybeardclub.com™ in 2016, then Armored Up Man in 2017, and Home of the Hustle in 2018. Starting as a Facebook page, Home of the Hustle was a place for Sell and some like-minded friends to conduct podcast-style interviews with marketing, branding, and business professionals, then share that information with their audience. At the same time, Sell learned from the experience and built a network that led to the Get Sh!t Done Coffee™️ Company.

As an extension of the Home of the Hustle brand, GSD Coffee seeks to inspire and motivate individuals, business owners, and entrepreneurs to stay the course and keep hustling towards their dreams, face fear head-on, and become the best version of themselves.

GSD Coffee believes ordinary men and women can make a difference in the world—especially when they put their minds to it. When they are unafraid to do it scared until they can do it skilled, and when the hustle is for a good cause instead of for the applause.

GSD Coffee is for the dreamer in each one of us. What self-made entrepreneur Frank Sell, Jr. has dubbed "The Official Coffee of the American Dream" created to inspire freedom-seeking men and women across the globe while providing a world-class product and infectious mindset.

Are you ready to rise and grind and Get Sh!t Done?

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