Early Life

Frank Sell, Jr. is born and raised in Hutchinson, Kansas. His father, a self-employed truck mechanic, instills in him the values of hard work and self-sufficiency.

In 1977 Frank Sell, Jr.'s father starts his own business as a truck mechanic, working on semi-trucks. Frank Sell, Jr. is advised to follow the traditional path of "get good grades, go to college, or learn a trade." He decides that college isn't the right fit for him and opts to learn a trade instead.


Professional Beginnings

Frank starts his career as a welder but soon realizes that the promise of lifelong employment with a single company is an outdated concept. In 2003, Sell establishes Allied Dent Removal, his first business, after teaching himself Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) using a $100 VHS tape. He works diligently, paving the way for future ventures.



Frank Sell launches Babybeardclub.com™, a new business venture. He later introduces Armored Up Man, further expanding his entrepreneurial portfolio.



Home of the Hustle is born as a Facebook page where Sell and friends share podcast-style interviews and insights on marketing, branding, and business. This platform fosters a community and lays the groundwork for future endeavors.



Frank Sell, Jr. launches Get Sh!t Done Coffee Co (GSD Coffee), an extension of the Home of the Hustle brand. The brand is positioned as "The Official Coffee of the American Dream," aiming to inspire and empower individuals, business owners, and entrepreneurs.



GSD Coffee continues to grow, promoting a message of perseverance, courage, and self-improvement. It is dedicated to supporting dreamers, doers, and hustlers everywhere, advocating for a mindset of facing fears and relentlessly pursuing one's goals.



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